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We know you haven’t heard from us in a while, but there are good reasons and great news to share as well. We have been very, very busy working to make things better.

First off, we are no longer associated with ASAEC, we have partnered with the Hearts of Gold organization. This partnership has benefits for all of us, but really helps us deal better with the paperwork and filing requirements of both the Ecuadorian Government as well as the US Government. Being a not for profit organization all Governments want to keep up with what is going on and that we are truly what we say we are. It is extremely important to us to keep expenses as low as possible to have more money for the kids, and this partnership goes a long ways in dealing with that.

A benefit for all of the donors is that the partnership makes it a recognized donation for tax purposes in the US.

On the communications front…
Our new name for the organization is, “It’s about Children”. The new Web Site is up, although it is a work in progress, at .

We have a new Facebook Community page also, for those of you on Facebook.

What else has changed…?
Really not much will change. We are still going to have our school distribution with the kids the same way that we have been doing it.

Looking forward…
We are busy with a lot of details as you can imagine but we are in a good position to communicate more and to move forward much better.

For more information about our program, check out our new video made by Joel Kaplan!

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