Andrew Sacks – the Cotacachi Honey Fund

Andrew Sacks, through his project: "The Cotacachi Honey Fund," has raised a total of $19,000 for the scholarship fund! (this includes $2,500 he donated in November). Andrew generated these funds through the sale of Cotacachi honey and Pacari chocolate in the States. A nice chunk of these sales he attributes to the expatriates in Cotacachi who sent their families in the States his gift packages over the Christmas holiday.

Andrew's efforts have not only benefited the scholarship students, they have also helped members of the Cotacachi Beekeeper's Association to raise their incomes. Andrew pays the beekeepers fair trade export prices that are significantly higher than what they had been receiving in the local market.

Andrew's plans for the future include a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) sale in September, another Christmas sale, and an expansion of honey production with communities in the Intag Region. This year he will launch two new varieties: "organic coffee blossom honey" and "organic cloud forest honey." For more information concerning this amazing project, please consult

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