Why do I want to be part of the program

This past Saturday we awarded more scholarships - we now total 72. Be sure to save the date March 8 for our Spring distribution & Open House. We hope to have some of our graduating class (we have 16 graduates this year WOW) tell you what the program means to them and their future!

We added some structure to the program this year - and we added 20 new Students to the program. A few wrote essays on why they wanted to be apart of the program - here is one! He wrote in both English and Spanish as well.  Here is a photo of Jefferson. While he works hard on his own homework, he helps his other 5 siblings with their homework. Perhaps you remember a call to help for vision therapy for his brother, Tupac. Tupac continues to improve his vision with special therapy every week.


Hi, my name is Jefferson I am 17 years old, I live in a community named Italqui.

I would like to be part of the program because I need help for my future.  I think the program helps teenagers for their education, for this I would like to  be part of the program.

I hope for my future I would like to be a professional doctor, because I would like to help the poor people in communities.

After I would like to be important in my family and with my friends, and finally I would like to help my family, my mother and my father.

You can make a difference!

As a side note - the children that are in this program really WANT to learn, they WANT to make their future better - its truly amazing & rewarding to be a part of this!

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