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When I was a child I could only go to school one or two days a week. When I finally finished primary school I went to work as a maid. I want my daughters to study because I don’t want them to live the same life that I have. When I see my daughter with her backpack on and a binder in her hands, coming or going to high school, that’s when I fill with pride.
-43 year old mother of a scholarship recipient

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Why Donate?
Sometimes people ask us why students need scholarships to attend public high school. The answer is: to help them purchase mandatory uniforms and materials, and to help pay for transportation to and from school. The high cost of public education and low household income means that families spend disproportionate amounts of their total earnings (13%) on education, making it their third highest expense at over $50 a month.

While nowadays education has become a priority and parents are making huge efforts to send their children to school, fewer than half of the total population in Cotacachi’s communities has completed elementary school, and less than 10% has a high school education.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child for one year?
The answer:200 dollars. Of these 200 dollars, 180 go to the student via their parent or guardian to pay for their school uniforms, materials and transportation. The remaining 20 dollars are placed in an interest bearing account and are used to support the activities of our Ecological Club, and to help subsidize our administrative costs.

While we encourage donations in the amount of a full scholarship – 200 dollars – all donations are immensely appreciated!!

How is the money monitored?
All donations go into a local bank account that is monitored by jointly by Hearts of Gold, It's About Children and by our accountant. Annual Report will be posted to our website by the end of year 2017.

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